Based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Greg Stubbings, who holds a Diploma of Photoimaging, has gained a reputation as a producer of outstanding images for advertising, portraiture, editorial, corporate, special events, photojournalism and documentary photography.

"I am interested in reality and life as it is. I try to capture things as they happen around me. I get to know the subjects I photograph; I talk to them, hear their stories and most of all learn from them."

He likes to tell a story, narrating people, events and issues from the world around us, whether it be family events and celebrations or an Olympianís journey.

In addition to his commercial work, Greg likes to exhibit his fine art and photojournalism work.

His photography has been showcased around Australia, most recently as part of the Fujifilm Site Unseen Collection.

Greg uses the latest Nikon digital professional equipment and other digital technologies to capture, light, enhance and present his images. He also works with traditional film-based equipment and materials in addition to experimenting with the format and exposures of a 1956 Kodak Box Brownie.

If you are an individual with an exciting upcoming event or an organisation with a new project, contact Greg to discuss the creative possibilities and packages that can be tailored to match your photographic needs.